The pandemic pivot — from pause to progress.


  • Branding
  • Digital
  • Design
  • Execution
  • Signage

During the global pause of 2020, ATMC, an education partner to Australia’s premium universities, faced significant challenges. Lockdowns and the unprecedented impact of the pandemic resulted in a halt to the arrival of international students.

Fuelled by an entrepreneurial spirit, ATMC embarked on a new direction. With a flagship CBD campus building poised for unveiling, the college seized the opportunity to reimagine its offerings and undergo a rebranding process, emerging with a refreshed identity. WhiteRhino collaborated closely with ATMC to develop a bright and bold design style that conveyed energy and excitement, perfectly aligning with the institution's vision for the future. This fresh and captivating design not only revitalised the college's identity but also portrayed a sense of optimism and opportunity during uncertain times.

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