Who we are

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We’re a diverse team of thinkers and creators who connect brands with their audiences. Some of us are designers, others are strategists, and there are those of us who speak that mysterious language called code. We bring different perspectives and knowledge to the table, but what we all have in common is that we’re listeners.

With openness and curiosity, we sit down with our clients and take the time to learn everything they have to share about their businesses, so that we can build a brand and a following that’s as unique as they are.

WhiteRhino office


Led by director Andrew Tibb, we’ve come a long way from our humble roots in a Port Melbourne, converted wool building. Since then we've grown our team, set up home in the Cremorne design pond, and collaborated with over 200 brands.


There are plenty of big egos in this industry. We’re proud to say that’s not us. We speak in plain terms, we don’t use words like 'synergy', and we value input and feedback. We love working alongside our clients and it’s our relationships with them that matter the most.


We love big ideas and beautiful design, but they’re only truly successful when they can also build business, increase market share and encourage investment. We understand that results matter, and we’ll help you make them count.

Our Management Team

Team photo of Andrew Tibb

Andrew Tibb

& Founder

After earning his stripes in Melbourne’s big ad agencies, Andrew founded WhiteRhino in 1998. As Founder and Creative Director, Andrew has overseen thousands of successful design, digital and branding projects for a range of clients including Simply Energy, the Cricket World Cup and Zinfra. Now with over 20 years at the helm, Andrew’s straight-talking, business-minded approach makes him an effective client partner, with his creative background and passion for developing long-term business relationships fuelling his drive.

Team photo of Sophie Lauder

Sophie Lauder


Sophie is a Senior Designer with a reputation for translating clients’ passions into brand identities that are engaging, playful and meaningful to consumers. Having gathered experience working across advertising and branding, and with a multitude of clients from hospitality through to health, Sophie has a keen ability to help clients realise their purpose and value in order to position the future of their brand. With a focus on branding, print, and packaging, Sophie directs WhiteRhino’s day-to-day creative work and major branding projects.

Team photo of Juliette Roberts

Juliette Roberts

& Digital Designer

As WhiteRhino’s Account Manager and Digital Designer, Juliette is an observer first and foremost, listening to the nuances of a client’s audience in order to transform ideas into strategic and commercial outcomes. Juliette’s ambition is to disrupt the status-quo with design that catches the audience off-guard. Bringing storytelling together with eye-catching execution, Juliette creates digital experiences that transform a brand’s DNA into a tangible interaction with its audience.

WhiteRhino office
WhiteRhino office
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