Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions

  1. This website remains the sole property of WhiteRhino. No part or part thereof, of this website may be passed onto other parties, used or reproduced without the prior written approval of WhiteRhino.
  2. WhiteRhino requests that all information supplied to anyone by WhiteRhino including any visuals and correspondence, must be returned to WhiteRhino should they not be engaged in proposed services.
  3. All fees and costs are estimated. Changes in scope of work and/or project specifications will require a revision.
  4. GST of ten percent is applicable to all work. GST is charged in addition to quoted professional fees and costs.
  5. A Commencement or Engagement fee of 20% is applicable to projects where fees are quoted over $1000.
  6. WhiteRhino trading terms are 14 days unless otherwise agreed.
  7. Where a project is deemed to continue for over 14 days, fortnightly (or twice monthly) progress charges will be charged.
  8. Further payment scheduling is based on completion of key stages described in the proposal.
  9. WhiteRhino has permission to use consulting and design works created, for promotion and publication of its own portfolio, business and website.
  10. Authors Corrections will be charged at nominated rate (refer to WhiteRhino Rate Card) depending upon activity required.
  11. WhiteRhino’s ability to meet deadlines is predicated upon the client’s provision of all necessary information and approvals in a timely manner.
  12. All intellectual property is passed onto the client upon full payment of fees and costs associated with the project and at completion, including all custom photographic and illustration work undertaken during course of the project. Unless otherwise stated, the fees only relate to assignment in Australia and New Zealand. An additional fee for assignment or worldwide copyright would be applicable and would need to be agreed between WhiteRhino and the client.
  13. All digital and electronic art working and compilation files such as InDesign files are the property of WhiteRhino. Fees for hand over and supply of master InDesign files by client will need to be negotiated on a project by project basis or valued at 33% (per file) of original project charges.
  14. Where intrastate, interstate or international travel is required for projects, WhiteRhino will pass on airfares, accommodation, subsistence and related expenses at cost only.


  1. Where WhiteRhino delivers over completed files such as PDFs, for the client to deal direct with their preferred supplier (e.g., printer, sign writer), it is the supplier’s (third party) responsibility to send the client a proof or mock up sample to approve. WhiteRhino cannot be held responsible for third party procedures (or lack of). 
  2. WhiteRhino is not liable for any errors that may be discovered after printing, publication or construction. 


  1. WhiteRhino has permission to have a link ‘Website by WhiteRhino’ notation on project website. 
  2. Clients websites will be automatically taken offline if unpaid accounts become greater than ninety (90) days from invoice date. 
  3. WhiteRhino is not liable for any errors that may be discovered after launch into public domain. 
  4. WhiteRhino will not be responsible for any loss of profits, data, business or use arising from any changes made to the website by a third party. 
  5. WhiteRhino will not be responsible for any loss of profits, data, business or use arising from any clients’ webserver, web hosting and/or service provider issue and/or negligence. 
  6. WhiteRhino will be responsible for any browser compatibility issues which may arise within the first 6 weeks of website being launched, should there not be a subscription or contractual arrangement for ‘ongoing’ consultancy be in place. After this time any browser compatibility issues will incur an additional cost. 
  7. WhiteRhino may be required to use and/or integrate 3rd party applications and/or API’s such as WordPress, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook with client websites which may not be included in the Support and Service Agreement. If not included, then additional costs may be incurred to provide technical support and consultation. 
  8. Clients may be required to use Photo Editing software such as Photoshop to add images and graphics to their websites. Additional costs may be incurred for WhiteRhino to provide technical support, consultation and training for this software. 
  9. Clients Facebook pages that are developed by WhiteRhino are hosted with our preferred 3rd party hosting provider with a guarantee uptime of 99%. All Facebook pages are encrypted via SSL as a requirement by Facebook. Service interruptions to the hosting provider and webserver may impact the uptime of clients Facebook pages. WhiteRhino is not liable for any negative media exposure due to this service interruption. WhiteRhino will not be responsible for any loss of profits, data, business or use arising from any service interruption and/or failure.