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The home you choose.

Launching in the specialist disability housing (SDA) sector, Livello build bespoke homes for people living with disability that are tailored to each individual's needs and lifestyle.

Following extensive consultation with residents and their families, each home is custom-built, resulting in a secure home that empowers those living with disability to live a fulfilling and independent life.

We helped Livello enter a sector newly-created by the NDIS by crafting a warm and approachable name for the brand that instantly stirs up feelings of home. Designing in a space that can sometimes feel clinical, we positioned Livello apart from other NDIS providers by letting those attributes sing.

A new brandmark marries the shapes of a door and a hand to represent Livello's core purpose — to offer a new beginning through compassion and understanding.

SDA your way.

Working with the Livello team from the beginning of the brand's inception right through to the design of their digital presence, the brand comes to life via the brand collateral and website which all pop with colour and optimism about the future.