Food for Health

Inspiring a balanced, wholefoods lifestyle with a refreshed design.


  • Branding
  • Packaging
  • Digital
  • Execution

For more than 15 years, Food for Health has been dedicated to crafting nutritious breakfast and snack foods. As the market welcomed an influx of new competitors, Food for Health recognised the chance to enhance its consumer appeal. We collaborated closely with the Food for Health team, to re-energise their identity, messaging and packaging strategy.

Our key focus was infusing the packaging with a vibrant styling with colour and highlighting the brand’s commitment to health and wholesomeness by depicting illustrations of ingredients. Through strategic placement and design, we created a visually engaging experience that showcased the quality of the ingredients while adding fun and excitement to the shelves.

This revitalisation wasn't just about a new look; it redefined Food for Health's presence in the market. By reshaping core values into essential ingredients for success, we set the stage for a branding revolution that will propel them forward for years to come.

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