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Launching an online resource for the dairy community.

The ADPF are a member-led organisation, providing advocacy for the post-farmgate sector of the Australian dairy industry.
In recent years the industry has changed rapidly; consumers are increasingly confused about the healthiness of yogurt, milk and cheese products, and plant-based alternatives have begun to steal dairy's limelight.

With dairy product manufacturers in need of a clear voice to sing the praises of a healthy glass of milk, the ADPF approached WhiteRhino with the challenge of creating a new website that would serve as an educational resource for the general public, an archive for industry factsheets and templates, and a digital hub through which to share news and advice from the community.

Catering to this varied audience, WhiteRhino approached the project by first looking at the ADPF's existing brand. We asked how the brand's identity could be improved and how its visual presence could be updated to represent an industry which is grounded and practical, yet steeped in tradition.

Extending the identity from a limited and dated brand to one that is engaging and contemporary, we helped bring the ADPF's visual identity to life through their new online presence. The result is a website that serves as a crucial resource to the community, designed to be as welcoming and down-to-earth as the industry it represents.